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what is a switchgear

Type of Switch gear and accessories

Switchgear is the device, which is used for regulating, monitoring, and switching ON or OFF the circuit in an electrical power system. This is a system that has a direct connection with the supply system and is located in both the HV and LV sides of the transformer.

Functions of Switchgear

The crucial functional aspects of the device are mentioned as follows:

  • It has to play the functionality of transporting, either creating or disconnecting the normal load current such as how the switch performs
  • This device should support the functionality of protecting devices from overload faulty current conditions. For sensing appliances such as potential and current transformers and relays, this operation has to be provided.
  • Also, the requirement for regulating, metering the data is the one functionality in which multiple devices are utilized for accomplishing the switching operation.
  • It even consists of the combination of various switching equipment along with measuring, regulation, controlling and protection devices.
  • The device along with the above equipment is utilized in various purposes like distribution, generation, and transformation of electrical energy. These devices are also used for regulating huge current flow thus protecting the equipment from damage.
  • The other functionality is to de-energize the equipment for testing purposes and so clear the fault.

There are different types of switchgear, differentiated on their voltage levels. The three categories are:

  • High Voltage (H.V.) Switchgear
  • Medium Voltage (MV) Switchgear
  • Low Voltage (LV) Switchgear

Switchgears are also categorized as indoor and outdoor devices.

Indoor Switchgear

For the voltage level less than 66kV, switchgear is usually placed internal to the device due to economical concerns. It is of a metal-clad kind and in the designing phase, almost all the live components are shielded in a metal case that is of earthed type. The major objective behind this is for exact localization and limitation of any damage.

Outdoor Switchgear

The outdoor switchgear is used above 66kV level of voltages because for this voltage level the clearances in between the conductors and the space necessary for transformers, switches, circuit breakers, and other related devices turn to be great which seems to be not inexpensive to locate inside the system.

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