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Body Protection

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Type of Body Protection

  • Hazards that affect the entire body can include temperature extremes, chemical exposure, radioactive materials, arc flash, infectious materials, sparks or flames, falls and sharp objects. A variety of protective clothing, including laboratory coats, long pants, rubber aprons, coveralls, and disposable body suits are available for specific work conditions, including the following:

    • Rubber, neoprene, and plastic clothing protect employees from most acids and chemical splashes.
    • Laboratory coats, coveralls, and disposable body suits protect employees and everyday clothing from contamination by chemicals, biological materials, dirt and grime, etc.
    • Welding aprons provide protection from sparks.
    • High Visibility clothing enhances a person's visibility, reducing the chance of being hit or run over.
    • Leg protection is available for lawn care and while using chainsaws. 
    • Cut-resistant clothing can be worn when around sharp objects such as kitchen knives or blades. 
    • Full body suits, cooling vests, and rain gear are a few examples of weather and extreme temperature protection

    Guidance for Proper Use

    • Ensure clothing fits each user properly
    • Launder reusable protective clothing separate from other clothing
    • Store PPE in well-ventilated, clean, dry and out of direct sunlight
    • Decontaminate PPE as necessary
    • Inspect PPE before use
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We have the high-quality brands. It implies that the brands chosen are carefully selected and meet a certain level of quality standards. This statement can be used in marketing, advertising, or as a company motto to attract customers who prioritize quality in their purchasing decisions.

This may involve careful selection and vetting of suppliers, rigorous quality control processes, and a focus on customer satisfaction. By prioritizing quality, the company aims to establish a reputation for reliability and excellence and to build trust with its customers.

we take pride in our reputation for delivering high-quality products to our customers. Our commitment to quality starts with our sourcing process. We carefully vet all of our suppliers to ensure they share our values and commitment to quality. Once we’ve identified a reliable supplier, we work closely with them to ensure that the raw materials or products we receive meet our exacting standards.

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