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Kalinga Plus 2.5 (Length 90 m) FR PVC Insulated Cable Red

Kalinga is one of the biggest manufacturers of Flame Retardent (FR) PVC insulated cables. The Kalinga Plus 2.5 (Length 90 m) FR PVC Insulated Cable Red is a fire retardant low smoke wire that can minimise property loss and human life during any fire hazard. This cable is suitable for use in safety-critical systems because it can not only withstand ignition and avoid flame spread, but it can also continue to work regularly for several hours while the fire rages around them. Kalinga has manufactured this single core (unsheathed) PVC-insulated copper conductor cable in voltage grade up to 1100 V, with an IS 694 / 1990 certification.

1. What are the dimensions of this Kalinga Plus 2.5 (Length 90 m) FR PVC Insulated Cable Red?

This Flame Retardant (FR) PVC Insulated Cable by Kalinga has a nominal area of 2.5 sq mm, a conductor strand diameter of 36/0.3 mm and a cable length of 90 meters.

2. What is the current-carrying capacity of Kalinga Plus FR PVC insulated cable?

This red unsheathed fire retardant cable has a current-carrying capacity of 22 A and can save you from severe fire hazards.

3.What is the conductor material of this Kalinga Plus FR PVC insulated cable?

This flame retardant low smoke cable has a conductor material made of copper with a 0.8 mm thick insulation.


SKU: EL.CA.HO.HA.169532Product Type: Flame Retardant (FR) PVC Insulated CableNominal Area: 2.5 Sq.mmCurrent Carrying Capacity: 22 ACable Length: 90 mMaximum Conductor Resistance at 20°C: 7.41 ΩVoltage Grade: 1100 VoltsConductor Material: Copper ConductorCertification: IS 694 / 1990Color: RedFeatures: PVC Insulated, UnsheathedConductor Strands Diameter: 36/0.3 mmNo of Cores: Single CoreIs Consumable: NInsulation Thickness: 0.8 mm