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Types of power transmission tools & couplings

five different types of well-used mechanical power transmission couplings there is available.

Spider couplings

Sometimes referred to as jaw couplings, Spider couplings are torsionally flexible to allow the shafts or flanges to be connected via a polyurethane drive ring.

As JBJ Techniques writes, the flexibility of the drive ring of these power transmission couplings, enables it to “compensate for parallel, angular and axial displacements.”

Gear couplings

Gear couplings transmit torque between two shafts which aren’t collinear. These type of couplings have flexible joints connected to each shaft and the two joints are joined by a third shaft known as the spindle.

As SKF informs gear couplings are torsionally rigid come in two designs – flexible/rigid and completely flexible.

Grid couplings

Grid couplings are both resilient and torsionally flexible. They are also known for reducing vibration for up to 30 percent and being quick to install and easy to maintain, meaning these types of couplings can reduce labour and downtime costs.

Falk steelflex grid couplings have been a leading name and industry standard for the best part of a century. As Rexnord points outs, Falk Steelflex Grid Couplings are well known for their versatile design and durability in critical applications.

Torsional couplings

Torsional couplings are designed to dampen torsional vibrations. They are commonly used to solve problems related to torsional vibration such as those often found in diesel engines.

Torsional couplings can either be rigid or torsionally flexible, depending on the application. These low weight and small couplings can be dismantled without having to move driver equipment.

Disc Couplings

These types of couplings are high performance motion control couplings. By definition a disc coupling transmits torque from a driving to a driven bolt through a series of stainless steel, thin discs which are assembled in a pack.

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