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Types of Height gauge

Types of height gauges

Height gauges may be broadly characterized into four basic types:

  • Vernier height gauges
  • Dial height gauges
  • Digital counter height gauges
  • Electronic height gauges

Vernier height gauges

Vernier height gauges employ the use of a main scale and a Vernier scale to provide for greater resolution of the measured value. They are generally available in measuring size ranges from 6 inches to 6 feet. Models can have imperial (inch) or metric (mm) scales or both on them.

Dial height gauges

Dial height gauges tend to be available in smaller measuring size ranges, typically less than 12 inches or 300 mm. These units feature a mechanical dial with a needle pointer that allows for easy reading. Because of their size, dial height gauges are very portable and can be stored in a toolbox.

Digital counter height gauges

Digital counter height gauges combine a dial and needle as found on the dial height gauge type with a dual-digit counter to increase the speed and efficiency of the measurement process. The counter will allow readings to tenths of an inch while thousandths of an inch can be read on the dial. The presence of an additional counter also has the advantage in that it enables users to set and maintain an absolute and floating zero if needed.

Electronic height gauges

Sometimes called digital height gauges (not to be confused with digital counter height gauges), electronic height gauges substitute digital displays for the analog dials and mechanical counters found on the other types of gauges. Electronic height gauges generally allow the user to select from different units of measure such as inches versus millimeters. Higher-end models also add a host of additional features and capabilities that improve the measuring capabilities and accuracy. Examples of some of these capabilities include:

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