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Thermocouple and RTDs

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RTD Thermocouple

Type of thermocouple and RTDs

B-Type Thermocouple

The alloy combination is of Platinum (6% Rhodium) and Platinum (30% Rhodium). This thermocouple exhibits a temperature range between 1370 to 1700 °C. It is mainly used in applications executed at extremely high temperatures, such as glass production. Click here for Data Sheet!

E-Type Thermocouple

Chromel and Constantan are the alloys that form an E-type thermocouple. The temperature range is between 0 to 870 °C. This thermocouple does not focus on the oxidation in the atmosphere and can be used in an inert environment. However, they need to be protected against the sulfurous environment. They are commonly used in power plants. Click here for Data Sheet!

J-Type Thermocouple

J type of thermocouple is formed with Iron and Constantan. 0 to 760 °C is its temperature range. Owing to the low-temperature range of the thermocouple, its life span reduces in high temperatures. J types thermocouple is best suited for vacuum and inert environment. Injection molding is one of the most common applications of such types of the thermocouple. Click here for Data Sheet!

K-Type Thermocouple

Chromel and Alumel form a K-type thermocouple. The temperature range is between 95 and 1260 °C. The neutral or oxidizing environment is best suited for these types of the thermocouple. It generates an EMF variation below 1800°F due to hysteresis, which restricts its use in an inert and oxidizing environment below this temperature. They are most commonly used in refineries. Click here for Data Sheet!

N-Type Thermocouple

This thermocouple is a combination of alloys Nicrosil and Nisil. The temperature range is between 650 to 1260 °C. Unlike K-type thermocouples, the N-type thermocouple offers very high resistance for degradation due to green rot and hysteresis. They are most commonly used in refineries and petrochemical industries. Click here for Data Sheet!

R-Type Thermocouple

A combination of Platinum (13% Rhodium) and Platinum forms R type thermocouple. The temperature range is between 870 to 1450 °C. It is costlier than S type thermocouple as it contains a higher percentage of Rhodium. Its high accuracy and stability make it an ideal thermocouple to used in Sulfur recovery units. Click here for Data Sheet!

S-Type Thermocouple

It is a combination of Platinum (10% Rhodium) and Platinum. The temperature range is between 980 to 1450 °C. S type thermocouple is used in applications involving very high temperatures. This type is widely used across various l industries. Click here for Data Sheet!

T-Type Thermocouple

It is formed with Copper and Constantan. The temperature range is between -200 to 370°C. This type of thermocouple is suitable for the inert atmosphere as well as the vacuum. They are widely used as they generally resist decomposition even in a moist environment. They are commonly used in food production and cryogenics.  

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